Monday, 6 February 2017

Concept of administrative process

An administrative process is composed by a set of administrative functions in order to make the most of each resource owned by a company of right, quickly and efficiently.
Functions that make up an administrative process

1. Planning

This function is the first that should be exercised by the administrative body of a company. Here is where will be planned them objectives and goals that must meet the company and the methods to carry to out.

The relationship between the worker and the administrative personnel must have a character in common mode such that can complement one another for proper operation of the company and its objectives.

Objectively creates a plan that contains the different future to carry out activities; This plan is implemented with a preview, considering each characteristic.

Some of the most important activities of the planning are:

  •     Preset goals and objectives that want to achieve over a period of time
  •     Forecast
  •     Establish a strategy with their corresponding methods and techniques to bring to Cape
  •     Actions against future problems

2. Organization

After the planning of future activities to be carried out to achieve the proposed goals and objectives, the next step is to distribute each activity to the different groups of works that make up a company.

It is strongly related to the physical and intellectual skills of each worker and physical resources owned by the company. The purpose of the organization is that objective assigned to each activity of the company so can be fulfilled with the minimum of them expenses and to his time with a grade of satisfaction maximum in each employee.

Some of the most important activities of the Organization are:

  •     Make a selection of workers for the indicated opposite
  •     Subdivide each task into units operating
  •     Select an authority administrative sector
  •     Provide materials and resources useful to each sector

3. execution

Here is necessary the figure of a Manager capable of head, take decisions, instruct and help to them different sectors labor. The implementation seeks to take the first step in carrying out the activities assigned to each working group and they continue these activities periodically and efficiently.

Each Group worker is governed by rules and measures that improve their performance.

Some of the most important activities of the implementation are:

  •     Offer a motivating character
  •     Reward every employee with corresponding salary
  •     Be attentive to the needs of each worker
  •     Maintain communication stable among all sectors

4 control

This last function has the role of ensure that the company is directed by the heading of the success. Although each previously named function can be carried out to the letter, that will not guarantee that the entity to tilt toward a positive economic.
The control is a task administrative, which should be exercised with professionalism and of shape transparent. Control of the activities carried out in a company serves to analyze the high points and the low points of the same.

After get them results corresponding, is will make feasible the different modifications that will have that lead is to out to correct those points low.

Some of the most important activities of the control are:

  •     Compare the results obtained with the previously made plans
  •     Evaluate and analyses the results obtained
  •     Initiate actions of correction for

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